sext: multiple methods of sexual approaches have evolved in cannibalistic species as a result of sexual cannibalism. the mechanism by which the male approaches the female is imperative for his survival.

big wall, little bricks

at the orientation they learned
the most important rule from a rank and file type with dried downed manilla envelope skin stretched over a screaming skull
salesperson is a misnomer she grinned
always grinning voice like demonic chirping
they were only ever numbers.

dry season

it hasn’t rained in months and i’m drinking spicy beer while listening to old art bell recordings. this one is titled ” the y2k problem”. it brings a certain sense of comfort to realize that nothing really changes; we’re all still afraid of shadows, and i’m still awfully thirsty. think i’ll have another beer before the apocalypse descends.


in the war room they smoke cigars
and make jokes about towels. they

distance themselves en masse
from the likes of you, world lover

making do with what you have
being satisfied with what you’ve made

in the war room they talk fast about
everything they will not say directly

not unless they are ready to provoke
to stoke the flames that started

someplace before

before i could overthink it here are 10 albums off the top of my head in no particular order along w/ favorite songs from said albums

~nina simone in concert (1964) - nina simone - “pirate jenny”

~led zeppelin IV(1971)- led zeppelin - “black dog” and “going to california” (holy shit, robert plant was sexy back in the day)

~nightbook(2009) - ludovico einaudi(italian “minimalist” composer) - “eros”

~crazysexycool(1994) - tlc - “creep” duh. also “red light special”

~狂った太陽 “lunatic sun”(1991) - buck-tick(ridiculously prolific japanese rock band) - “jupiter”

~bone machine(1992) - tom waits - “dirt in the ground” and “the ocean doesn’t want me”

~horses(1975) - patti smith - “gloria” obvs

~baduizm(1997) - erykah badu - “afro(freestyle skit)”

~…for the whole world to see(released 2009, orginally recorded 1975) - death(black american proto-punk band from detroit) - every song. all of it.

~arular(2005) - m.i.a. - “bucky done gun”

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Belle (2013) dir. Amma Asante

I don’t think you guys know just how powerful this scene was. Literally when I was in the audience I could just see a lot of the women of color affected by this scene. A lot of us have gone through this self denial and self hate through the effects of white beauty standards and beliefs forced down our throats.This was the first time I had ever seen something that I had personally felt before portrayed on the screen and it put tears in my eyes.  If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it. It’s out on dvd/bluray/streaming

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