not saying sorry to you
for no goddamn reason

not mumbling pleasantries long
after the phone conversation
should have ended 

not growing my hair cuz you
think it’d be pretty

not smiling to make you
feel less uneasy

not here for you only here 
for me and mine

if that makes me

the rude bitch
the poor sport
the selfish witch
the unapproachable
black chick

so fucking be it

on the corner

slick cat all in royal
purple silk, mahogany
cane, barely leaning,
fedora tilted low,
and preening;
hark, high priest
of the this little block—

his flyness struts
pimp supreme
while on the corner
the girls
do all the work…

c’est la rue

the wood beams echo
ghosts past and present of wild
beasts and steamed marrow

joynt afternoon

she calls me hon
with a smile you see
i’m a regular now

the man in the red hat
is for ohio
i know that much

he swings hard
but fails to connect
there are some groans
but cheers outnumber

all the while
i spin here sipping
sour medicine

by now i’ve seen this many times
still i care little
and understand

but the twist adds
flavor and so far
i’m not complaining

i could puke for days and days
on seeing the ‘50 shades of gross’ ad on my fucking dash

men @ work

out and about
in the gruesome humid
not by will
but because my foundation
is being destroyed
and i don’t feel comfortable
when there are strangers
in the house

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why must the maintenance dood show up an hour early when i’m just outta the shower and barely dressed? is this real life or a goddamn porno?

i just wanna flip shit like
jesus christ…
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study hall

my tongue lacks
the litheness
to properly caress
the curves
of your name

may i buy you
a coffee anyway?

our story simmers
in fluctuation
threads hang
from ragged lungs

our story remains
but not too far
to make a leap
or two

neu lyfe

lady dAdA
next-level mc, gaga-esque pomp
and pageantry
only in lieu of manufactured pap-pop
spits sweet rhymes that can’t be
fully parsed by the conscious
except the rhymes likely
rhyme that is.

Who is viewing your blog, or more to the point….


do we really need to know? ;-) 

The spam is getting out of hand IMHO. Whatever you do though… Do NOT click the links on those posts or click or follow any links in your inbox. Especially from the myriad new bogus followers people are reporting. 

Apparently you can fix this / stop the app from posting to your profile, like so: 

On your Tumblr dashboard, click on the “Settings” button. Next, click “Apps” in the menu. Then revoke the app’s access to your account by ‘unclicking’ the box next to the app in question. I don’t know what it calls itself, since I don’t have it installed, but I gather it’s pretty obvious. 

Next: change your password. 

Disclaimer: This may or may not work. I hope it does ;-) 

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