i. taboo

my dreams last night were filled 
with such strange adventures
i woke to find a panther stalking
the sheets
wearing your eyes

ii. big papa was a holy roller

stiff collared
greenhorn heedless
of the call between
bee’s knees
(she’d just turned twenty
is priest porn a thing?
asking for a friend….

orgy meltdown, or how to con the sexless

when all else fails
throw in some whips and
i hope nobody mentions
the smell

iv. halfway to tango

he says: are you my good girl?

she thinks: yes, fine, whatever. just fuck me already.

the dance continues apace…

v. something about american pie

i scorch my fingers
and tongue on your
sweet swelter and heartily
go back for more

i’d rather be a corpse than a coward.
mary ellen pleasant, historical badass

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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smile wide and darling
kneel on scabby knees
for me

suffer for syrup
sip and sit closer
for me

save some sausage
and slow traffic
for me—

mine alone 
you are the divine
one of many

gone before the moon
to make room 
for another—

stay sweet tear free
this is all but play
for me


not saying sorry to you
for no goddamn reason

not mumbling pleasantries long
after the phone conversation
should have ended 

not growing my hair cuz you
think it’d be pretty

not smiling to make you
feel less uneasy

not here for you only here 
for me and mine

if that makes me

the rude bitch
the poor sport
the selfish witch
the unapproachable
black chick

so fucking be it

on the corner

slick cat all in royal
purple silk, mahogany
cane, barely leaning,
fedora tilted low,
and preening;
hark, high priest
of the this little block—

his flyness struts
pimp supreme
while on the corner
the girls
do all the work…

c’est la rue

the wood beams echo
ghosts past and present of wild
beasts and steamed marrow

joynt afternoon

she calls me hon
with a smile you see
i’m a regular now

the man in the red hat
is for ohio
i know that much

he swings hard
but fails to connect
there are some groans
but cheers outnumber

all the while
i spin here sipping
sour medicine

by now i’ve seen this many times
still i care little
and understand

but the twist adds
flavor and so far
i’m not complaining

i could puke for days and days
on seeing the ‘50 shades of gross’ ad on my fucking dash

men @ work

out and about
in the gruesome humid
not by will
but because my foundation
is being destroyed
and i don’t feel comfortable
when there are strangers
in the house

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why must the maintenance dood show up an hour early when i’m just outta the shower and barely dressed? is this real life or a goddamn porno?